Bernard G Muller

The Beecham Brothers

September Girl- Bernard G Muller 2009 out of Print until Fall 2018 - B. G. Mullers first effort still stands tall after almost a decade. Recorded in Hungary at Szombathely Studios the album puts the music in the center with all its many facets. A whirlwind tour through many different styles but never loosing touch with the artist. Leaves you wanting for more. €15,00 Postage €2,00

Diners, Maps & Yellow Lines 2016 - With his Band “THE BEECHAM BROTHERS” B.G. Muller put together an album that was recorded live in the studio to catch some of the bands signature sounds. It feels like attending a live performance. Ideal for road-trips. The Europeans would call it ''Americana''. You are traveling with Slidin’ Steve Grimshaw on guitar, Ernesto Richioso on drums and B.G. Muller guitar and vocals. €10,00 Postage €2,00

Approaching the Blues 2017 - With his new album “Approaching the Blues” B.G. Muller gives us insight into his musical roots. Full blown contemporary acoustic blues. Raw and naked. Guitar and Vocals. All original material written over the last three decades. True stories paired with a touch of storytelling. Not to be missed. €10,00 Postage €2,00

Purchases of CDs can be made via E-Mail order or on Shows. Thank you for your interest. 🙂
CDs können via E-Mail bestellt werden oder direkt auf Konzerten gekauft werden. Vielen Dank für Ihr Interesse. 🙂